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Business Apps

The Mendix App Platform

Build, deploy and integrate web and mobile apps that evolve with your business - now.

The Mendix App platform enables companies to quickly build web and mobile apps, integrate them seamlessly, deploy them instantly, manage them centrally, and maintain them effortlessly on an ongoing basis. When companies need apps that solve real business problems and generate real returns - they use Mendix.


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Remember too keep the QUICK ACCESS, LANGUAGE and LOCATION BAR closed, before you preview/publish.

You can click on the bars to edit the content inside the expandable menus, and when you are done you can click again on the bars to close them.



Close the menu bars before preview/publish. That way you can make sure that they will not block the content on other pages.

To close, select the menu and uncheck the option that says: "Show lightbox parts while editing" .

To edit the menu bars again, you can check the same option and the submenus will show up.

Build Enterprise Apps Faster and Easier

Companies use the Mendix App Platform to build, deploy and integrate web and mobile enterprise apps faster and better than ever. The combination of agile, visual business modeling, workflow, social productivity, enterprise process integration, ready-to-go apps from our app store, and a scalable and secure cloud deployment allows small teams to build business apps in days, not months.

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Most Mendix apps are integrated with existing enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Saleforce.com, FICO and many others. The Mendix App Platform makes it easy to tie into existing processes and provides multiple, highly efficient integration options including web services and quick enterprise mash-ups.

Enable Social Productivity

“Facebook meets enterprise collaboration” – Our built-in social collaboration features make it easy and fun to engage all stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of your project: IT, business or end users. Social activity streams and integrated chat functionality enable real-time collaboration for all, from anywhere. App users are more than customers – they’re part of the project team now.

Deploy With One Click

Deploy in the cloud with our famous “1-click deployment”. No manual moving around of files, no hand-offs to a different department, nothing gets lost in translation, it’s all part of the Mendix App Platform. Deploy in the Mendix Cloud with the security and scalability that global enterprises expect, or leverage your own infrastructure and run your apps in a private cloud.

How Companies Use Mendix

Build New Business Apps Now

Extend Existing Systems

Control the App Jungle

Mobilise Your Enterprise

Build New Business Apps Now


Build the Enterprise Apps your business needs in a fraction of the usual time. From web applications to automating the most complex business processes and workflows - with the Mendix App Platform you can build what you need when you need it.


This means less risk, more productivity, and a cutting edge way to respond to new business needs in days - not months.

Extend Existing Systems


Take advantage of your past investments and extend, modernize, or integrate with existing packaged applications or legacy systems. With Mendix you can simply add the functionality you need on top of your existing systems, combine multiple old and new systems and processes into one easy to use app and provide your users with a more efficient and better user experience.

Control the App Jungle


With the Mendix App Platform you can now give individuals and small teams the power to build what they need quickly, while still maintaining all apps in one place, managing IT governance, ensuring ongoing maintenance and controling cost and security.

Mobilise Your Enterprise


Whether you’re building new enterprise mobile apps or adding a mobile user interface to an existing system - with Mendix mobile enterprise apps can be build, integrated and deployed with the same incredible speed and ease as all other Mendix apps.

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